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Here you can read our honest AdSpy review updated for 2021 to learn more about what AdSpy can do for your business. I’ve spent many hours writing this review so I hope I didn’t miss anything. If you still have questions after reading this AdSpy review, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll gladly consider your feedback.

Table of Contents

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  1. What is an Ad Spy Tool?
  2. Introduction to AdSpy
  3. AdSpy Features
  4. Key Benefits of AdSpy
  5. Disadvantages of AdSpy
  6. AdSpy Pricing + AdSpy Coupon Code
  7. How Fast Is AdSpy Support?
  8. What Are The Main AdSpy Competitors?
  9. AdSpy Affiliate Program
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  11. Conclusion – Is AdSpy Worth It?

What is an Ad Spy Tool?

A Spy Tool is also known as an “Ad Intelligence tool”. Many spy tool providers prefer to call it like that instead of a Spy Tool as it makes it look more credible. Basically, it is an online software system that scrapes content online providing users with detailed insights into the advertising methods of online businesses. This happens almost in real-time.

There are multiple types of spy tools, the most common is an Ad Spy Tool that scrapes ads from online advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Twitter Ads, Yahoo Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Pinterest Ads.

Ad Spy Tools generally all work the same way:

  1. Search for ads by entering keywords and filters.
  2. Get ad results that match your search filters.
  3. You have the ability to download the ad creatives in multiple formats: Ad Text, Image, Video, and Landing Page. Not all spy tools allow you to download the video or landing page but most of them will enable you to retrieve the Ad Text and Image.

Other types of Spy Tools are for example SEO Spy Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, SEO Power Suite, SpyFU, Majestic, Serpstat, UpCity, cognitiveSEO, SE Ranking. We will not be covering this type of spy tool in this review.

Today we will be exclusively talking about Ad Spy Tools, in particular AdSpy, the actual name of the spy tool. AdSpy is solely focused on spying ads of your competitors in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Read further down our AdSpy review and you will quickly find out that you should definitely try it out.

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Introduction to AdSpy

Facebook spy tools have been around for many years, long before AdSpy came into existence in 2018.

If you look at the Wayback Machine result for adspy.com, you will see that they started the FB Spy Tool service as we know it today around February 2018. Although the domain was registered in 2013, it took a few years before they officially launched in 2018.

In the beginning, they charged $149 for 10,000 results and you had to pay $50 for every 5,000 additional results. Nowadays, they have 1 simple pricing plan for virtually unlimited use. Virtually unlimited basically means unlimited with a Fair Use Policy so that you don’t register and scrape AdSpy’s whole database. The new pricing model was a good move by them.

The most popular FB Spy Tool at that time was MagicAdz, but they got shut down by Facebook around July 2020.

Demo video of AdSpy

Ann image says more than 1000 words so a video must say a million, go check out the AdSpy demo video below to see for yourself how it works.

AdSpy Changes in 2021

Fast forward to 2021, not much has changed with AdSpy. The only thing that has changed is that AdSpy removed the Refund Policy page from their website. AdSpy probably still has a refund policy in place, it is just not prominently visible to users as before.

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Advanced Search Filters

AdSpy has an advanced search filter system where you can find ads using 16 types of filters: Ad Text, Comments, Advertiser Name, URL, Landing Page URL, Landing Page Text, Site Type, Gender, Ages, Daily Likes, Total Likes, Media Type, Created Between, Seen Between, Networks, Affiliate, Advertiser, Technologies, Countries, Language.

AdSpy Search Box with 16 filters
AdSpy’s Powerful Search Box with 16 filters

Sorting Methods

You can sort the AdSpy search results by 10 different methods: Date (Newest first), Date (Oldest first), Likes, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Shares, and Longest Running.

Here you select how you want to sort the ads

The Longest Running is a very useful one as you can guess that these ads are probably profitable otherwise they wouldn’t be running the ads for so long.

Unique Features

AdSpy has two unique features that you don’t see anywhere else in a spy tool.

  1. Reverse lookup by Affiliate ID
  2. Reverse search by Affiliate Network

Label Searches

You can label search results so you can easily find them at any given time. List the ad results according to your own taxonomy and quickly look them up whenever you need it.

Just enter a name and it will remember all the search filters for you so you can continue the search at a later time.

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Key Benefits of AdSpy

The main benefits of using AdSpy:

  1. Discover new campaigns
  2. Keep an eye on your competitors
  3. Save money on testing new campaigns
  4. Get insights on trending markets in the world
  5. Uncover new products
  6. Browse the most popular ads
  7. Biggest database of 175m+ Facebook Ads

Disadvantages of AdSpy

  1. Unable to download/export landing pages from within AdSpy

AdSpy Pricing + AdSpy Coupon Code

The normal price of AdSpy is $149 per month. Using our coupon codes you can get up to $100 off.

There are only 2 types of discount coupons available or AdSpy. If you see any discount higher than $100, it means it’s a fake coupon and other marketers are using it to rank higher in Google because people click more on their results in the SERPs.

Here are the two available coupons:

  1. $75 discount for the first month
    • Coupon code = AW75
    • $75 total discount
  2. $50 discount for the first TWO months
    • Coupon code = AW50
    • $100 total discount ($50 for the first month + $50 for the second month)

Which AdSpy coupon you choose is entirely up to you. If you want more quick savings on AdSpy, choose the first one. If you want to save more in total, choose the second coupon.

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How Fast Is AdSpy Support?

It takes max. 24 hours to get a response from the AdSpy support ticket system. It is very easy to create a ticket. To create a ticket, you simply go to “Help Centre” in the top navigation bar. You also have to use the AdSpy ticket system to request payments in Bitcoin for your affiliate commissions.

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What Are The Main AdSpy Competitors?

The main competitors of AdSpy are the spy tools that allows you to find Facebook Ads like:

  • PowerAdSpy
  • BigSpy
  • SocialPeta
  • EcomHunt (only for Ecom Products)
  • Pexgle
  • Pexda
  • MagicAdz (shutdown in July 2020)
  • Idvert (Chinese origin and not maintained anymore)
  • Facebook

At the moment in 2021, the only serious competitors are PowerAdSpy and BigSpy.

You can learn more about the differences between the spy tools in our dedicated articles:

  • PowerAdSpy vs AdSpy
  • BigSpy vs AdSpy
  • SocialPeta vs AdSpy
  • EcomHunt vs AdSpy
  • Pexgle vs AdSpy

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AdSpy Affiliate Program

Maybe one of the reasons why AdSpy is so popular is because anyone who registers an account will see an “Affiliate” section when they log into AdSpy. Since most users are already familiar with Affiliate Marketing, it only takes a click of a button to apply for the AdSpy affiliate program. Once approved, you immediately get the affiliate link that you can use to promote AdSpy. You get the option to have your own custom coupon code linked to your affiliate account.

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How Much Commission Does AdSpy Pay Per Sale?

AdSpy pays a generous 50% commission per sale generated from your referrals for the first 3 months. The payments are made in Bitcoin. There is a 2-week delay after payment is received from clients before they can pay to you to prevent refunds and chargebacks causing problems.

Are There Any Restrictions in Promoting AdSpy As An Affiliate?

There are only 3 rules set by AdSpy:

  1. No direct linking from paid advertising (e.g. Using AdWords/Google Ads directly to your affiliate link with no landingpage)
  2. No targeting the exact keywords “AdSpy” or “Adspy.com” for search ads.
  3. Don’t create landing pages designed to imitate our branding or landing page.

If you do a quick search in Google, you can already see that 2 affiliates are violating rule number 2:

Here you see that the owners of bloggingexclipse.com and megpixel.com are violating the AdSpy affiliate program rules.
Here’s another domain “adspycoupon.net” violating the keyword restriction as well as Google Ads Policy as you can not bid on the same keyword with more than 1 domain. As you can see the affiliate uses the same coupon code as “bloggingexclipse.com”, so they are managed by the same affiliate. However, he uses 2 domains to bid on the same keyword “adspy” in Google Ads. It won’t take long before Google finds out and the domains will be banned from advertising in Google Ads and the AdSpy affiliate program.

Eventually, these 2 affiliates will probably get banned from the affiliate program or receive a warning. They create an unfair advantage over other affiliates so I’m sure that some other affiliates will be reporting their violation to AdSpy.

The reason why AdSpy restricts bidding on the exact keyword “AdSpy” is that they already rank #1 for the keyword but now they have to pay 50% commission for potential customers that are already looking for AdSpy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Makes AdSpy The #1 Facebook Spy Tool?

AdSpy has a massive database of 175m+ Facebook Ads. It’s the biggest among the FB Ads Spy Tools. They have an extensive search filter system with over 16 search filters. The unique features like reverse affiliate offer and network search function makes AdSpy super powerful for affiliate marketers.

Who Should Use AdSpy?

Anyone who uses Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads should use AdSpy to learn how your competitors are advertising on Facebook and to improve their ads to make your campaigns successful.

Is AdSpy Expensive?

Compare to AdSpy competitors, AdSPy is very affordable at $75 when you use our coupon.

Are There Any Discount Coupons For AdSpy?

Currently, there are 2 types of discounts for AdSpy in 2021. The first one is a $75 discount for the first month only and the second one is a $50 discount for the first two months. If you are already familiar with AdSpy and you are sure you want to use it for several months, then obviously you should claim the $50 discount coupon.

Does AdSpy Have A Free Trial?

Yes, when you register with AdSpy you automatically get a free trial account with 1000 views. You can decide to immediately upgrade to a paid plan if you don’t need the trial.

What Are The Best AdSpy Alternatives?

The four most relevant alternatives are PowerAdSpy, BigSpy, SocialPeta, and EcomHunt. We have dedicated a complete page to all these AdSpy alternatives because it’s too much to fit on this AdSpy review page.

Conclusion – Is AdSpy Worth It?

The value that you get from AdSpy for the price of $75 when you use our coupon code is insane. You literally get access to a database of more than 175m+ Facebook ads for just pennies. AdSpy will save you hundreds of hours in time in learning to find the best ads yourself. You spent less time in creating the ads and you spent less on testing the ads themselves on Facebook. By seeing the engagement on the ad you can judge by yourself if the ad is working or not.

We conclude that AdSpy is worth every penny you spent on it. If you are not ready to buy yet, just try it out with the free AdSpy Trial.

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